niche service
in project management

The ability to unblock, and or accelerate a strategic project implementation. Will help you to stay on track of your business planning

When you contract Emilie. She and your multi-stream project team will shorten the planned project discovery phase to a maximum of 6 weeks

  1. Set-up of Emilie’s proven project framework.  In a hybrid form of Waterfall & Agile. According to governance guidelines
  2. Assigning Stream Leads & Steering Committee
  3. Scheduling a cadence in stand-up’s and meetings
  4. Defining a 6 months rollout plan. Plus RACI(s) model

The delivery of:

  • Business gap analysis
  • Change impact analysis
  • A set of approved & prioritised requirements (functional, business, technical)
  1. Assigning internal Project Owner
  2. Mentoring & facilitating Project Owner & Stream Leads

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success factors

maximum project length

From experience; Emilie learned that 2 out of 12 complex transformation projects were successfully launched. Within a rollout period of 6 months

discovery approach

Contact Emilie and request her to share her insights

leadership engagement

The active engagement by leadership will open doors. To many layers of middle management